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Holiday Edition: Chocolate Raspberry Truffle

Holiday Edition: Chocolate Raspberry Truffle

Luxurious chocolate enveloping juicy, ripe raspberries for pure decadence in a glass. Pour chilled into your chicest stemware, and though you may want to keep this all to yourself, we recommend sharing it with you besties! Hurry and get yours before it’s gone.

What should I pair it with?

Why only eat dessert, when you can drink it too! Try this decadent delight with chocolate covered strawberries, poured over ice cream, or blended into a chocolate cocktail. Chocolate Raspberry Martini, anyone?

  • Alcohol Content: 6.5%
  • Serve at: 8º - 10º C
  • Sugar Code: 5 (55 g/L)
  • Size(s): 750mL
  • Taste: Luxurious chocolate enveloping layers of juicy, ripe raspberries.

  • Reviews (51)

    51 reviews

    • I bought this at Christmas time…It really did have the flavours of chocolate and raspberry, and was delicious poured over ice. Almost too delicious, as it tasted so good, I had remind myself it was an alcoholic beverage and stop myself from drinking too much at one time!

      Eva McNaught~ February 24, 2017
    • Amazingly smooth with just the right sweetness.

      Amber Rumpel~ February 26, 2017
    • Its got a tartness from the raspberry. And a chocolate aftertaste. Reminded me of chocolate yogurt after taste. Not terrible but definitely a sipping kinda wine

      Shy~ March 3, 2017
    • Kathleen~ March 4, 2017
    • This wine is truly deliciously Please bring this back keep it all year long we love it 😍

      Liette Keller~ April 5, 2017
    • very velvety,sweet and chocolaty too. 5 star yummy. Will try other flavors this brand.

      G.Ranson~ April 9, 2017
    • Delicious!!!!!
      Has a tart raspberry flavour with a hint of chocolate. Love it! Had it over ice and was my dessert after dinner LoL! Yummy!!!

      Jessica’s Rossi~ April 21, 2017
    • did not enjoy at all was expecting it to taste kind of tarty with a bite of a bitter after taste poured down the drain 🙁

      Charlee~ April 30, 2017
    • SO yummy, it’s hard to put my glass down. I wish is was available all year, because I gave away my extras as gifts.

      C~ May 23, 2017
    • Bought all that I could find in my area before it went away. Hopefully back next Christmas..or sooner. My ultimate favorite wine.

      Miranda~ June 5, 2017
    • Loved it, loved it, loved it. Love the raspberry and the chocolate was just sooo delicious! Tried to get it at the local store again, but they said it’s discontinued?! If it’s seasonal, PLEASE bring it back next year!!

      Pamela~ July 29, 2017
    • Plz plz plz bring this back. Ive been searching and searching.. This is my all time favorite wine. Bring it back and keep it all year around.

      Sonia~ July 29, 2017
    • Best wine ive ever had! Honestly i saw that it was out again yesterday and immidiatly ran to check if ,y local stord had it. Its dangerous in that you can so easily forget its an alcoholic beverage lol. 110% worth the buy

      faith~ November 10, 2017

      AMBER~ December 29, 2017
    • absolutely delicious

      Erica Metcalfe~ December 30, 2017
    • I could drink a bottle in one sitting if I let myself!

      Catherine~ December 30, 2017
    • This is awesome. A full red with the after taste of chocolate raspberry. More please. Please keep this wine stocked.

      Laura~ January 6, 2018
    • This is my favourite girls night out wine! I wish it was available year around. It’s so full of flavour! I love it.

      Kourtney~ February 9, 2018
    • Is there anyway to still buy this!!!!

      Velisha~ March 2, 2018
    • Amazing surprise! Stopped in Niagra falls and picked up a bottle…light, not too sweet easy to drink wine! Very excited to add to my list of favorite 🍷

      Tracey huppe~ March 3, 2018
    • My favourite! Want to buy it all year long!

      Melanie Clark~ March 15, 2018
    • Found this at the Niagara Falls Dutyfree going across the river on a family weekend, loved it!! Great smooth taste, wanted more but haven’t been able to find it at the LCBO.. is there another location ??

      Erin Orr~ April 15, 2018
    • Hands down best wine I’ve ever had

      Luke harley~ May 5, 2018
    • OMG Love this wine please bring back all year round i bought
      15 bottles at Christmas time just so i have some for later in the year. Love this please bring back forever.

      Christine Jones~ May 12, 2018
    • Love this wine.. pls make it a regular !

      TG~ July 24, 2018
    • This wine is a BEYOND a 5🌟 I wish this wine would be sold ALL year round! Please make that happend!!! You’ll make millions of people soooo happy! Especially those who don’t really like certain tastes of wines, this is a great one to feel included! PERFECT!

      Ray~ August 17, 2018
    • It was so flavourful and delicious I immediately put this at the top of my Christmas list 💗

      Tara~ August 24, 2018
    • You have to bring this back next holiday. It was sooo good I couldn’t get enough but they were sold out.

      Genevieve Poirier~ September 3, 2018
    • My daughter loves this and do I! Wish it didn’t come out only during holiday season!

      Sonia Beaulieu~ September 22, 2018
    • My daughter saw one bottle in the liquor store last week and bought it for me on a whim. It is so good, I went back on the weekend to pick up another bottle. Come to find out, it was a return and that was the only bottle they had. I enjoyed it very much and I hope you are going to be having it again this holiday season and will keep it as a regular stock item. Kudos for a great product.

      Carol MacAdams~ September 23, 2018
    • Love this stuff! Really hoping I can find it somewhere cuz it’s my drink of choice from the first sip.

      Shona~ October 3, 2018
    • I am not a big drinker, especially most wines. I friend gave me this one last winter. Omg it was so good. I was disappointed that it’s not available all year long. Will it come back? Please say yes.

      Carrie-Ann~ October 6, 2018
    • I’m not usually a fan of girls night out but this one is absolutely heavenly 😍

      Jocelyn~ October 27, 2018
    • Umm this needs to be more then just for the holiday! Amazing!! I want more…

      Miranda~ February 14, 2019
    • need this all year round please

      Hanna Miller-Collins~ July 22, 2019
    • Had it for the first time last night…so yummy. Yes you must remind yourself it’s an alcoholic beverage!

      Ellen Sures~ August 15, 2019
    • This wine is yummy!

      Ellen Sures~ August 17, 2019
    • Love it. It’s light, just 6.5% tasty, amazing aroma. My favourite wine for cold season.

      Kakyrchik~ November 11, 2019
    • Its so good best wine out there!!!

      Mackenzie Manning~ December 2, 2019
    • Omg it’s so good ! Can’t we pls have it all year around .

      Marilyn West~ February 28, 2020
    • I am not much a drinker if any type of spirits but I just love the Chocolate Raspberry Truffle and quite disappointed it only comes out at Christmas time because I could drink it all year around. I think you should start making it available at least for Easter and maybe some other holidays

      Nancie~ March 21, 2020
    • My number 1 wine. Sad that we can only buy it before Christmas here. 😭

      Patricia Poole~ May 12, 2020
    • Tried it for the first time this past Christmas. I loved it and so did everyone I shared it with! Sad that this one isn’t available year round, but it gives me a holiday/winter treat to look forward to!

      Amanda Hogewoning~ June 30, 2020
    • Definitely my favourite wine. I wish we could get it all year round

      Linda Plante~ December 5, 2020
    • 5star

      Jessica Lang~ December 24, 2020
    • Great bottle, picked another bottle up this evening! Hope this stays on the shelf all year round!

      Legendary~ January 29, 2021
    • This is a thing!!! Keep this on the shelf!

      Lisa Nichols~ February 24, 2021
    • I’m not much of a wine fan. But I LOVE this one. Please make it available year round. Was disappointed when I realized it’s not currently available anywhere.

      Lisa~ April 9, 2021
    • Delicious

      Lynda Langford~ October 15, 2021
    • I really like this wine, it’s getting harder to find at Christmas time, plz make more

      Coleen~ November 4, 2021
    • I was obsessed with this wine, please bring it back!! I cant find it anywhere 🙁

      Sam~ November 24, 2021

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