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Pinot Grigio Riesling

Pinot Grigio Riesling

Carrie and Samantha, Will and Grace, Rachel and Monica. We’re talking the most illustrious of BFF combinations. But now there’s a new dynamic duo to add to the list. No partners in crime are ever complete without the addition of this elegant sipper.

What should I pair it with?

This white blend is fantastic with chicken dishes from that trattoria you can’t help but stop by on your way home from work and that big Greek salad when you’re trying to eat “healthy.”

  • Alcohol Content: 12%
  • Serve at: Chilled at 8º C
  • Sugar Code: 1 (12 g/L)
  • Size(s): 750mL
  • Taste: Ripe stone fruit balanced with crisp and zesty lime citrus.

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